H&R Construction Equipment Parts From the Sky: Google Maps Tour

H&R Construction Equipment Parts From the Sky: Google Maps Tour

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Have you ever wondered how a retired excavator goes from the salvage yard to rebuilt parts to working again on your machine? Or who’s behind the scenes securing a container of final drives and track springs to wait for your call? Or even how your part questions turn into part solutions at H&R? Well, if so, we’re about to pull back the curtain and give you a look at our two locations so you can get a bird's-eye view of where we work, how we work, and how all our part magic happens.

You don’t need a hardhat or steel-toed boots for this tour, just click the markers and hopefully have a little fun getting a top down look at H&R Buffalo and H&R Lawrenceville. You’ll also discover how salvage, recon, and shipping all work together -- which is often the magic ingredient in our entire process.

H&R Construction Equipment Parts East -- Buffalo, New York

Tucked up on Lake Erie and just minutes from the Canadian border, our Buffalo location is our longtime home. In Buffalo, you’ll find a massive salvage yard, two Teardown bays, multiple reconditioning shops, and our biggest indoor warehouse. If you’ve called us before, you’ve probably talked to a Parts Specialist here.

Click the markers to explore each area. And go fullscreen with the box in the top right corner.



If you clicked along and toured our locations, we hope you learned a little more about us and our processes. As a leader in salvaging heavy construction equipment, we know we’re more than just our salvage yards, storage, and recon spaces, but we need that big footprint in physical space to meet your needs. Our customers count on us as an important part of their work and we take pride in knowing we can help them.

If you’re searching for a part, our Parts Specialists (in Buffalo) are happy to help --just drop them a line.