How To

Read, watch, and learn with the H&R Construction Equipment Parts How To series, designed to give readers and viewers a brief glimpse at the work of our Recon and Rebuild team. Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves and about to get your hands greasy or you’re just looking for a better understanding of a part, we hope you find the content helpful.


  1. How To Dismantle a Swing Gearbox

    A title card reads Swing Gearbox Disassembly and shows a swing gearbox.

    Starting your research on disassembling your swing gearbox, wondering what that job entails, or just interested in seeing inside of the process for dismantling a swing gearbox? Come along into the Recon and Rebuild shop for this video as a parts technician completes the process.

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  2. Hydraulic System Maintenance and Common Problems

    An image with hydraulic hoses says Hydraulic Maintenance.

    Keep your hydraulic system running perfectly, extend the life of your parts, and prevent big problems down the road with our simple, short hydraulic system maintenance and tips.

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  3. How Does a Hot Tank Work?

    A hot tank at H&R Construction Equipment Parts.

    Interested in how a part goes from salvaged to shiny at H&R? Learn how we hot tank our parts, how hot tanks work, and follow along as a part gets hot tanked in video and images.

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  4. How to Remove a Final Drive

    A title slides says How to Remove a Final Drive.

    Watch the H&R Teardown team remove a final drive from an excavator and follow along with simple, helpful final drive removal tips and instructions. Ensure your final drive removal goes smoothly and get back to work quickly.

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  5. How to Install a Final Drive

    A title screen says How to Install a Final Drive

    Whether you're about to install an H&R brand final drive, you've rebuilt your own, or you're just starting your research and planning ahead, we've put together some quick and simple tips to make sure everything goes smoothly. You've got this and we're here to help.

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  6. How to Tell if a Hydraulic Cylinder is Going Bad and Inspect a Hydraulic Cylinder

    A tower of hydraulic cylinders.

    Worried your hydraulic cylinder is going bad? Learn 3 simple tips to watch for. And if it is going bad, watch and learn how to inspect a hydraulic cylinder.

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  7. How to Rebuild a Final Drive | Komatsu WA500-6 Final Drive | Komatsu PC400LC-8 Final Drive

    A title screen says How to Rebuild a Final Drive

    Whether you're about to start your own final drive rebuild, you're weighing your rebuild options, or you're just looking for interesting final drive insight from top final drive experts, you'll find helpful videos here. Watch and read along.

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  8. How to Rebuild a Transfer Case | Caterpillar D300E Transfer Case

    Transfer Box Rebuild

    Wondering what the rebuild process is for a transfer case or searching for a short how-to video for your own transfer case project? Head into the H&R Recon and Rebuild shop and watch this Cat D300E articulated truck transfer case go from disassembled parts to ready to head back to work.

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