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Read, watch, and learn with the H&R Construction Equipment Parts How To series, designed to give readers and viewers a brief glimpse at the work of our Recon and Rebuild team. Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves and about to get your hands greasy or you’re just looking for a better understanding of a part, we hope you find the content helpful.


  1. How to Reassemble a Komatsu D51EX-22 Final Drive

    Komatsu D51EX-22 final drive reassemble

    Follow along as an H&R parts technician reassembles a final drive from a recently salvaged Komatsu D51EX-22 crawler dozer. Watch the video and read step-by-step instructions.

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  2. How To Measure a Wheel Loader Arm With Diagram, Images, and Video

    measure loader boom

    Learn how to measure a wheel loader diagram with our simple instructions. Open up your inventory options with a few, quick measurements. Use our printable guide to simplify your search and watch our short video for more information.

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  3. How to Convert a Final Drive by Changing the Swash Plate

    Updated final drive swash plate

    Updating the internals and porting of a final ensures it works exactly as designed for the machine and mounting is simple and straightforward. Watch as an H&R parts technician updates the swash plate on a final drive to ensure it works exactly as intended.

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  4. Six Simple Radiator Maintenance Tips

    radiator maintenance

    Keep your radiator and your cooling system running smoothly with these short, simple maintenance tips. Learn more about radiators and how they work on your machine.

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  5. Onboarding New Employees: Simple Tips for Adding New Construction Employees to Your Team

    New Employee Onboarding Tips

    Learn simple short tips for onboarding your new employees. Help new employees integrate with your team, develop on the worksite, and stay safe.

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  6. How to Reassemble a Komatsu PC300-7 Swing Motor

    Komatsu PC300-7 swing motor

    Take a trip into one of the H&R Recon and Rebuild shops and follow along as a parts technician reassembles a Komatsu PC300-7 swing motor.

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  7. 6 Tips for Staying Safe From the Heat on the Worksite

    Workers working in the sun.

    Learn some quick, simple tips for avoiding heat related injuries on the worksite and put together a plan to stay safe this summer.

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  8. 8 Tips for Simple Excavator Maintenance

    An excavator working in an open field.

    Keep costs and repairs down with a focused maintenance plan. Ensure your excavator runs well for the long term with these simple, short, and practical tips.

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  9. How to Reassemble a Swing Drive

    a newly assembled swing drive

    Take a trip into one of the H&R Recon and Rebuild shops as a parts technician rebuilds a Komatsu PC350LC-8 swing drive in this step-by-step rebuild video.

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  10. 7 Tips for Simple Bulldozer Maintenance

    bulldozer maintenance

    Learn simple short tips to keep your bulldozer running its best. Discover how to maximize your uptime, reduce repair costs, and extend the life of your parts.

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