How to Reassemble a Komatsu D51EX-22 Final Drive

How to Reassemble a Komatsu D51EX-22 Final Drive

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A few months ago, we posted about our salvage of a Komatsu D51EX-22 crawler dozer. From the salvage, a couple of final drives were brought into the system, and after a pass through initial inspection the finals were determined to be perfect candidates for reconditioning. 

In this post from one of our Recon and Rebuild shops, you’ll follow along as a parts technician performs the final reassembly process for one of the final drives. With disassembly, cleaning, additional inspection, and replacement of worn parts already performed, in this video you’ll jump in just when the part is coming together and you’ll see it in its final form.


Steps To Reassemble a Komatsu D51EX-22 Final Drive

  • A bearing is placed onto the drive shaft.
  • The drive shaft assembly is inserted into the housing.
  • The clutches and brake piston are placed into the housing.
  • The piston and the barrel are inserted into the housing.
  • O-rings are inserted into the housing.
  • The piston assembly is adjusted into the housing.
  • The poppet and speed adjustment are fixed into the housing.
  • A valve and speed sensor are connected to the housing.
  • The final dive is tested to ensure it’s in proper working condition.
  • A lock is placed onto the final drive to ensure the adjustment ring stays in place.
  • Bearings are pressed into the planetary gears.
  • The gears are installed into the planetary group assembly.
  • The planetary shaft is pressed into the planetary gear.
  • The sun gear is adjusted into the middle of the planetary assembly.
  • The second planetary group is assembled.
  • A sun shaft is placed in the middle of the planetaries.
  • The final housing is bolted on completing the final drive.
  • The final drive is painted.

With the final drive complete, it’ll be on to shipping where it’ll be secured to a custom pallet for protection during shipping. The one in the video already has a new home, so while his brother will be added to inventory, he’ll be loaded onto a truck and sent out to a waiting Komatsu dozer.

Hopefully, it's clear in the video the precision and care we put into our rebuilding and reconditioning processes. We know that care pays off in the finished product because customers tell us that every day. If you’re in search of a new, used, reconditioned, or rebuilt part for your construction equipment we’re here to help.