Rebuilt Hydraulic Components

At H&R Construction Equipment Parts, we offer a wide range of hydraulic parts, consisting of main hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, main control valves, travel and swing motors and many others components that we rebuild to OEM specifications.

What Are FDC Brand Parts?

OEM parts are quality parts, but they can also be very expensive. When you need to get your machine running and can’t spend the money for OEM parts, how do you get more affordable parts that still have the OEM quality and reliability you require?

H&R Construction Parts and Equipment, Inc. Announces The Acquisition of American Independent, Inc.

H&R Construction Parts & Equipment, Inc. agreed to acquire American Independent, Inc. on Saturday, June 23rd. In an ongoing commitment to providing their customers with the best customer experience in the industry, the move once again reinforces their commitment to be “More than just parts” but also a provider of solutions to their customers. The acquisition was timed to align with American Independent’s 30th Anniversary, which is being celebrated this month.

New Product Offering: Cab Glass

H&R Construction Parts & Equipment, Inc. announced today that they have added Cabin Glass to their new products line up supporting the major manufacturers of excavators, forestry applications, and scrap handlers. The Cabin Glass is available through their online site or by contacting one of their Parts Specialist at 800.333.0650.