How to Rebuild a Drop Box: Step-by-Step Video

How to Rebuild a Drop Box: Step-by-Step Video

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If you’ve ever wondered what actually goes on inside of a construction equipment drop box, this is your chance to get an in-depth look at the gears, plates, and shafts of a drop box. In this video from one of the H&R Recon and Rebuild shops, you’ll see a parts technician rebuild a drop box for a Caterpillar 730. Follow along, step-by-step, as he brings this part back to life.



Dropbox Step-by-Step Rebuild Process

  • The planetary gear is placed into the drop box.
  • The retainer plate is buffed and added to the planetary gear.
  • A cover is bolted over the planetary gear.
  • The technician ensures the bearing race is installed tightly inside the drop box.
  • Gears are added to a shaft in the drop box.
  • An intermediate plate is added to the drop box.
  • Another set of gears are installed over the intermediate plate.
  • The second side of the housing is lowered over the gears and encases all internal parts.
  • A seal is installed before the yoke is added and the yoke and pinion shaft are installed into the drop box.
  • Covers are added to the drop box and bolted into place.
  • The drop box is rotated so the technician can work on the other side of the drop box, and a bearing retainer is installed into the drop box.
  • The output shaft yoke is installed.
  • The output shaft manifold is added for the clutches of the planetary.
  • The third and final yoke of the drop box is installed.
  • The drop box is painted, packed, and ready to ship.

Even though most drop boxes are ruggedly designed to work for the long haul, after time and with constant wear no drop box will live forever. Luckily, the technicians in the H&R Recon and Rebuild shops are knowledgeable in the processes and techniques it takes to take a drop box from salvaged part to ready to get back to work. If you’re in need of a replacement drop box, give our Parts Specialists a call. They’ll work their best to find you a solution and be able to quickly help you determine costs, availability, and time to deliver.