The Biggest Stadium in Every U.S. State: The Quiz

The Biggest Stadium in Every U.S. State: The Quiz

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Anyone who’s ever felt the roar of 10,000 fans leaping to their feet at once, worn their arm sore sending out high fives to the entire Bills Mafia, stopped at the end of the first quarter to wave to Stead Family Children’s Hospital, or done whatever uniquely great thing their own fanbase does knows that a stadium isn’t just a big concrete circle of seats. It’s a community of people coming together to share something bigger than the building.

But still … it is a building. And there’s some big ones out there. At H&R, we love our sports and our teams, but we’re also generally the kind of people who have to stop mid-purchase and remark to the beverage slinger, “Hey, you ever think about how much dirt they needed to haul out to build this place?”

To celebrate grand achievements in stadium building across the U.S. we’ve put together this quiz: 50 states, 50 stadiums. Can you match the biggest stadium in each state to their particular state?

❱❱ How To Play

  • At the top is a a stadium with the highest capacity for a certain state. Your job is to guess the state it's in.
  • To make a guess, you'll Click a State Twice.
    • Click the View Hints button to see who plays in the stadium. Or risk it, if you're confident.
    • Click the View Selected button to confirm you clicked the state you thought you clicked. Or risk it, if you're confident.
    • Click a state again to confirm your guess.
  • If you want to skip and come back, click Skip. And be careful, once you pick a state, its done.


❱❱ The Biggest Stadium in Every State: Play the Quiz


First, let us know how you did on our social media. Now’s the time for bragging. You’ll find complete answers below so stop scrolling if you haven’t finished.

Hopefully, you found a few of your favorite teams featured in the quiz and, if not, remember it's not all about the size of a stadium. A half full huge stadium never shines over a full house at any size, the best stadium is the one where your team plays, and even some of the biggest ones … well even full they’re full of those fans. We all know who we’re talking about, no need to name names.

And, as always, if you’re searching for a part for your construction equipment, we’re here to help. Just call our Parts Specialists. They’ll happily search our deep inventory of new, used, and rebuilt parts, as well as our connected parts network. They’re committed to getting you back to work, quickly and simply, whether you’re building the newest and biggest stadium or you’re just clearing some trees for your own little kickball club.

Here’s wishing you the best of luck at work and on the field, too — unless you’re playing our team.


❱❱ Caution: Answers Below