The H&R Upfront Process

The H&R Upfront Process

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Our Upfront Process

As an industry leader in salvaging construction equipment, we take pride in our work and in the processes we’ve developed to get a part from the machines we buy to our customers. Not every part we sell goes directly to a machine owner — we sell to dealers, repair shops, fleet owners, and even our competitors — but everyone who contacts us is motivated by a need to get a part in the hands of somebody who just wants to get a machine up and running and back to work. 

We know the speed we can get a part to you directly impacts how fast that happens and we want that part to keep you up and working under the toughest conditions and with whatever you need it to do. To make sure that all happens, we developed our Upfront Process. We think it sets us apart from our competitors and, if you’re one of our thousands of loyal repeat customers, we know you think so, too.

What is the H&R Upfront Process?

The H&R Construction Equipment Parts Upfront Process effectively streamlines processing, increases the quality of our parts, and improves our customer service by decreasing or eliminating the lead time for parts, creating ready-to-ship parts, and increasing information for the customer.


Check In

Machines are inspected and reviewed to determine part quality and suitability for processing.

We walk around the machine to review the condition of the parts and identify the parts we would like to process. We identify and source machines we know our customers need parts from and since a machine can arrive in various states of functionality we take a hard look at what can be saved, rebuilt, and sent on to a new life in your machine.




Machines are dismantled and sorted for processing or scrap. We implement rigorous standards in our parts so while we’d love to process every part that passes through us, many just don’t meet our standards. In Teardown, our salvage experts are the first step in getting the best salvaged parts to the next phase of their life.



Quality Check

Parts are inspected the first of four times. An H&R used part passes through a lot of hands and at every step an eagle-eyed specialist examines every inch of the part. 



Parts ID

At Parts ID, the part serial number is verified and the part is marked. Connecting a part number to a part ensures our customers can easily find a part and a part can be tracked in our tech-forward inventory systems. The Parts ID team are experts in ensuring a part is accurately identified and the correct solution for our customers.



Quality Check

Parts are inspected for a second time. Before a part can be placed on our shelves or sent to be reconditioned or rebuilt, another part expert takes a close look to ensure the part meets our rigorous standards.



Recondition and Rebuild

In reconditioning and rebuilding, a technician will disassemble the part and evaluate it before rebuilding it. H&R technicians are experts in their fields and bring a wealth of knowledge to the parts they repair. Using measured and methodical processes, our technicians take pride in the quality of their completed projects and in knowing their parts will exceed expectations and outperform the competition.



Test Stand

When able, a technician will use the Dyno or test stand to perform tests on our transmissions and engines to ensure that the component meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications. Ensuring our parts are of the highest quality and caliber is at the heart of what we do.




Working with parts the size we work with means our warehouses need to be designed to hold a deep and large inventory. Our customers come to us because of our inventory, and we know that getting a part to you quickly and at a great price is possible because of the smart and swift work of our warehouse team.



Inventory Control

We aim to reduce the search process for our customers by ensuring our inventory is always up-to-date, documented, and searchable. We catalog all part information, including parts photos, part details, and our test results in our inventory system. Whether you search yourself or contact an H&R Parts Specialist, Inventory Control ensures every piece of information is available to you as you make your decision.



Part Sale

The Parts Specialists at H&R aren’t just here to sell parts, they’re your resource for industry knowledge and connections to specialized part information and location tools. They’re experts at cutting through complex search processes and connecting people to parts, quickly and reliably, and committed to ensuring customers get the perfect part at a great price.



Quality Check

Once a part is purchased, the part is inspected for the fourth time. We’re serious about inspection -- we know our customers consistently choose us because of the quality of the product that arrives in their hands.




New or used, we want our part to arrive to you in a perfect condition. Our used, reconditioned, and rebuilt parts meet or exceed strict standards and we take pride in every aspect of our parts. On a machine and out in the field, we prepare our parts to perform and to look great while doing it. It’s the job of our focused, specialized shipping team to make sure your part arrives unscratched and unscathed.


Our Upfront Process is a commitment -- to our customers and to ourselves. We built it and put it into place because we know it delivers successful outcomes, day after day. We’re not step-skippers, half-measurers, or corner-cutters. It just isn’t how we do business and our Upfront Process is how we make sure we always exceed expectations. 

If you’re already a customer, we know you appreciate our Upfront Process, and if you haven’t become a customer quite yet, we’re excited to show it to you.