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Since H&R’s founding in 1984, we have been a trailblazer in our industry with a focus on doing what is best for our customers — even when that meant embracing new innovations and overcoming new challenges. When our industry and our customers have evolved, we have pushed ourselves to ensure how we do business matches how our customers need business done.   

Early in our history, we altered our business model to meet the speed at which our customers need parts; we introduced our own H&R branded line of parts to ensure the quality and reliability of our offerings; and we welcomed partnerships and collaborations we knew would benefit our customers. 

Today, that drive for improvement has led to one of the most profound changes our company has ever embraced — Parts ASAP

Parts ASAP is the creation of a connected, collaborative, state-of-the-art parts network that unites over 20 respected brands and businesses and offers an extensive inventory of construction, agricultural, and industrial parts. In the background, building and launching Parts ASAP is a new challenge in integrating systems, uniting teams, and rising to new challenges. That work is already ongoing.  

For you, the customer, the benefit of that work will be immediately clear when our work to build Parts ASAP is complete: a parts sourcing experience that reduces time spent searching, eliminates the hassles of bouncing from site to site, and swiftly connects you with the knowledgeable Parts Specialists you’ve already come to rely on as a loyal H&R Construction Equipment Parts customer. 

When Parts ASAP launches in early-2024, you can expect a new and advanced, customer-focused experience that embraces new technology and streamlines the search process but also never discounts the benefit of human-to-human interactions. When a quick click will provide a parts solution, Parts ASAP will be there, and when a call to a Parts Specialist is better, we will still be here, too. 

While Parts ASAP will aim to provide a new and fresh experience, at its core Parts ASAP will remain as grounded, familiar, and reliable as the companies it unites. The companies that form Parts ASAP are wide-ranging and extensive — and likely familiar to many of our current customers. But despite the diversity of their offerings and locations, you will immediately discover unique similarities between all of the companies and brands.  

Homegrown. Hard-working. History-tested. We know the fundamental qualities at the foundations of each member company are what led to their success, and we know when we combine them and amplify them with Parts ASAP we will build something that honors each brand and builds towards our collective future. 

In the coming months as we further develop and launch our Parts ASAP efforts and more deeply foster collaboration between our member companies, we hope you discover new and helpful updates, advancements, and simplifications that build on, amplify, and extend the great interactions you have come to expect from us. 

In the end, we know our success goes hand-in-hand with your success and we are designing all Parts ASAP experiences to ensure those successes. To those efforts, we are developing Parts ASAP to focus on the elements we believe will help you and your work — in much the same way as H&R has always done: simple and helpful experiences, fast and streamlined sales and shipping, dedicated and knowledgeable team members, and reliable parts that save our customers on costs.  

If the promise of our work towards Parts ASAP has one defining goal it is simplicity. Simplify how our customers search and find parts. Save them time and money in their processes. Help them get back to work without hassle doing what they do best.  

In Parts ASAP, our unifying aim with our customer experiences is simple — always ASAP and ASAP in all ways


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