Once a month, we invite you to take a look at what’s going on at H&R and to see what happened last month from the small celebrations we had to the big projects we completed. Ever wanted to get an inside look at H&R? This is your chance. These are our Big Shots from February.

Off with its cab!
After disassembly an H&R parts technician will examine gears for wear and tear. Sometimes, like here, they can spot an issue from another room.
It can seem haphazard from afar, but up close and personal you’ll often find torching can take a directed and delicate touch.
That is a sprocket and this is not an optical illusion. This is what you’d call a “massive” part.
Finding the right balance to swing and move a large cylinder barrel is one of those little skills you learn over time.
Disassembling large parts of an excavator often calls for a little “nudge” from other machines in Teardown.
The sparks are flying during this torching.
Don’t get any ideas about calling dibs on parts off that wheel loader just yet — it’s one of the machines we use around the yard.
Another transmission is one its way in the transmission rebuild shop and it's already looking real nice.

Inside H&R Series

This article is part of the Inside H&R Construction Equipment Parts series, designed to give readers and viewers an opportunity to go inside H&R, see all parts of our company in action, and learn more about our company, our team, and our processes.