Explore our large inventory of Hitachi final drives and Hitachi travel motors. Talk to a parts expert and find a best-priced, best-built final drive.

With solutions available for nearly 40 Hitachi excavator models, we are sure to have the Hitachi final drive or travel motor you need. Our new H&R brand final drives and reconditioned OEM final drives are both excellent options that provide incredible performance and reliability at up to 70% off the cost of new OEM dealer pricing and yet still offer the peace-of-mind of that comes from purchasing a final drive from a respectable, long-standing final drive provider.

At H&R, our confidence in our products allows us to offer a 2-year warranty on new H&R Brand final drives and 6 month warranty on reconditioned final drives.



 Discover the H&R Difference in Hitachi Final Drives and Hitachi Travel Motors

Our exclusive, industry-respected H&R brand final drive product line delivers the highest quality of final drives on the market.

 Our Warranty

We take pride in the craftsmanship and performance of our new H&R final drives and you’ll see that confidence reflected in our product and in the solid 2-year warranty we offer on our new H&R final drives.

 Exceptional Quality

Many of our manufacturers build parts for the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and every H&R final drive is built in a factory using precision machine capabilities. This ensures a perfect fit and exceptional performance, year after year.

 Unparalleled Performance

Because of our long history in the business and our dedication to customer service, we’ve developed a detailed knowledge of OEM performance specs — we make sure our final drives perform the same or very similar to the standards of the OEM drives.

 Perfect Fit

Our new H&R final drives are designed to meet exact, critical dimensions and will fit your machine without any alterations or new sprockets required — preventing the abnormal wear and premature failure common in some competitors products.

 Plug-and-Play Porting

When your final drive arrives we want you to get back to work fast so we provide all the necessary fittings needed to address any differences in final drive ports. With our competitors, we often find their customers calling us after delivery for help with their fitting issues.

 Incredible Service

Our customer service doesn’t stop at the point of sale. We stock replacement parts for every final drive we sell. In the event you do need a part, you won’t be waiting for replacements shipped from other parts of the world. We aim to get you repaired or replaced and back to work fast.

Short on Time? We’ll Find Your Parts

With our deep industry knowledge and our extensive access to tools and resources, our H&R parts specialists can simplify your search and ensure you get the best part at the best price, quickly and simply.

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