JCB Final Drive

Stocking JCB Final Drives and Travel Motors

With solutions available for many JCB excavator models, we are sure to have the final drive or travel motor you need.  Our new H&R final drives and reconditioned JCB final drives are the perfect solutions to get you back to work fast. With discounts of up to 70% off the cost of new JCB final drives, the high-quality parts we offer, and our commitment to you after the sale with warranties of up to two years, you can't go wrong! With our ability to support over 5,900 excavator and bulldozer models, we offer the largest selection of new and reconditioned final drives and their parts in North America.  Whether you opt for our new H&R Brand final drive or our reconditioned OEM final drive, we can help save you 20-70% off of the OEM dealer pricing.  

Need help finding the right final drive for your machine?  Use our Final Drive Finder to locate your part number.

All new JCB H&R final drives come with a standard 2-year warranty.

Final Drive Group


Why H&R parts superior to other aftermarket parts?


Many of our H&R manufacturers also build parts for the original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and are located in Italy, Germany, and Korea. All H&R final drives are built at factories using precision machining capabilities that allow for our final drives to fit your machine perfectly and perform exactly as required for an extended period of time.  Our confidence in our product is reflected in our solid two-year warranty we offer on new H&R final drives.


Using our detailed knowledge of OEM performance specs, we make sure all H&R final drives perform the same or very similar to the performance standards of the OEM drives. Our competitor's final drives are not always guaranteed to perform as the OEM drives do.  This may require you to have to purchase two final drives so your machine’s performance does not decrease.


H&R final drives fit perfectly to your machine without any alterations or new sprockets needed.  We make sure the critical dimensions of the final drive are exact to prevent abnormal wear or the throwing of a track. Some competitors may supply a sprocket that fits their mounting pattern, but it can be sized incorrectly causing axial loading and premature failure of the final drive gearbox. 


You never have to worry about how your machine connects our final drive ports.  We make sure to supply all the necessary fittings needed to address any differences.  In fact, we often help customers with their fitting issues after they purchased final drives from other companies.  With H&R final drives, you know it always will be plug-and-play!


As the source for all H&R final drives, we stock replacement parts for every final drive we sell. What this means is that you never have to wait for your replacement parts or have them shipped from other parts of the world.  Often times, we can repair or replace a final drive the same day.  Our goal is always to minimize your downtime and save you money.