50 States of Buildings, Bridges, Byways, and More: The Quiz

50 States of Buildings, Bridges, Byways, and More: The Quiz

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At H&R, we love our parts. If you’ve bought a part from us, watched a rebuild video, or taken a video tour of our facilities, you already know we’re passionate about every part that passes through our hands. Part of that pride comes from knowing we’re helping keep our industry going and — when a machine goes down — we helped get it back up and running. We might not be standing next to our customers on their worksites, but we’re still those people who have to pull over to look at a building going up, make the family stop to watch a hole get dug, and crane their necks if we drive by a quarry along the highway to get a better look.

For those reasons, we’ve put together this little quiz. Think of it as a celebration of projects around the U.S. — 50 states, 50 structures. Buildings, bridges, byways, and more. Old and new. Big and small. It’s not a ranking — more like a list of 50 things we’d go out of our way to see, pull the car over, and say, “That’s pretty neat.” 

Also, it’s nearly impossible. 10 correct is good. If you get all 50, sign up for Jeopardy, you’re an infrastructure savant. Good luck and have fun.

❱❱ How To Play

  • At the top is a structure (building, bridge, big project.). Your job is to guess the state it's in.
  • To make a guess, you'll Click a State Twice.
    • The first click will load a button to reveal the state (just in case you're not totally sure about the shape of each state).
    • Click the View Hints button to see 2 more items in that state.
    • Click the View Selected button to confirm you clicked the state you thought you clicked.
    • Click a state again to confirm your guess.
  • If you want to skip and come back, click Skip. Be careful, once you pick a state, its done.


❱❱ 50 States of Buildings, Bridges, Byways, and More: Play the Quiz


First, if you’ve scrolled to here you’ve either finished the quiz and are looking for more info on the guesses or you’ve tried your best and want to see exactly where each of those places is. The good news is you’ll find all the answers and quick links to learn more just below. And, remember, we told you it was an extremely tough quiz. The fun part now is you can learn more about each of the clues and maybe you’ll even find something to see on your next trip.

Also, if you think we picked wrong — we should have picked X instead of Y or you’re positive you know something much better that should have been listed for your state — drop us a note on social media. We’d love to see what you think is a project that really shows off what people can build when they work together.

And, as always, if you’re in search of a part — new, used, or rebuilt — our Parts Specialists are always here to help. Give them a call and they’ll connect you to our deep inventory of construction equipment parts, as well as, our vast, interconnected parts network.


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