Once a month, we invite you to take a look at what’s going on at H&R and to see what happened last month from the small celebrations we had to the big projects we completed. Ever wanted to get an inside look at H&R? This is your chance. These are our Big Shots from October. 

excavator sticks and tree leaves
Check out these gorgeous leaves and pretty sticks. Get it? Sticks? Excavator sticks? They say a joke isn’t funny if you have to explain it, but they’re wrong.
a skeleton holds a crescent wrench The elbow bone is attached to the wrist bone, the wrist bone is attached to the thumb bone, the thumb bone is attached to the … crescent wrench. It’s getting spooky around here.
the warehouse outside
She might not look like much (slaps warehouse), but she’s a great place to store salvaged parts waiting to be rebuilt.
Buffalo style pizza
Chicago style? Nah. New York style? Nah. Detroit style? Nah. Buffalo style pizza? You bet. This time the pizza was courtesy of All States Ag Parts. Chessy, greasy free lunch. Nice.
cleaning parts in silhouette
No caption needed. Somebody tell the Guggenheim to make room on the wall for this shot.
machines against fall trees
Pro-tip for hunters or other people headed out into nature this fall: At some time the bright yellow paint of construction equipment actually comes pretty close to being the perfect camouflage to blend in with the foliage. How’s that helpful? No idea.
painting cylinder
Why do we take extra care to make sure our rebuilt parts don’t just perform like they’re new, they look like they’re new, too? When the guy visiting the worksite looks at your rebuilt cylinder with a perfect spotless rod and a nice, new coat of paint and asks if it's brand new or rebuilt — that’s why.
Buffalo Central Terminal
The back of the Buffalo outside storage yard offers a perfect view of a historic Buffalo landmark and an icon of the Buffalo skyline, the Buffalo Central Terminal. Just one of the bonuses of working here.
taking off cylinder
If you’ve ever taken a part off a machine, you’ve probably wondered to yourself: Could they make getting a wrench into this spot at the right angle any more difficult? In Teardown, you ask yourself that a lot.
torching excavator carbody
Sometimes in salvage it takes a light touch, some industry know-how, or a little lifting or pulling assistance from the equipment on hand to get a machine into its disparate parts. And sometimes it takes a torch. 
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That’s it for October. Want to see something featured here next month? Let us know on social. We’ll be back with more Big Shots in November. Guessing now, it’ll probably be snow covered shots from Buffalo.


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