Once a month, we invite you to take a look at what’s going on at H&R and to see what happened last month from the small celebrations we had to the big projects we completed. Ever wanted to get an inside look at H&R? This is your chance. These are our Big Shots from January.

old equipment in warehouse
Look Up! In the warehouse, a gaze upwards will often unveil the workhorse beasts of the warehouse's past lives slumbering above your head.
swing motors disassembled
When rebuilding smaller parts, sometimes a parts tech can rebuild more than one at once. But though you see three swing motors disassembled in this image, only two were able to be rebuilt.
removing excavator tracks
Even once off the machine, handling the tracks from a large machine can be a real job — an assist from a wheel loader helps.
excavator thumbs in warehouse
"Used thumbs for sale. Good condition." is a sentence that is absolutely normal to read on a construction equipment website, but much less so on a lot of other websites.
teamwork in teardown
Getting an excavator through Teardown is seldom a one-person job. It takes teamwork and communication.
Part of a week this month was spent doing inventory in the Buffalo warehouse. And, if you've seen the warehouse, you can probably guess that it takes awhile.
excavator in teardown
The overhead bridge cranes in Teardown aren't just helpful, they're a requirement for taking off a large, heavy boom.
sparks in teardown
In Teardown, sometimes you need to make the sparks fly to remove an overworn or fully-seized part.
excavator in puddle
Four feet of snow quickly turned into a mess of mud and puddles in the machine yard. But when life gives you puddles ... take overly artistic upside down shots of the machine's reflections in the puddles?
articulated truck in puddle
Another puddle shot? Yep, but this one has an articulated truck and a really big leaf in it.

Inside H&R Series

This article is part of the Inside H&R Construction Equipment Parts series, designed to give readers and viewers an opportunity to go inside H&R, see all parts of our company in action, and learn more about our company, our team, and our processes.