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Rubber Tracks

DSC5781H&R Construction Parts and Equipment is proud to be a KTSU undercarriage distributor. We offer metal core rubber tracks for the construction market. We carry a wide selection of tracks for your compact track loaders, mini excavators or crawler dumpers and offers you competitive pricing without compromising quality. 

Benefits of KTSU Tracks:

More About Our Rubber Tracks

metal in rubber tracks
Advanced rubber compounds and synthetic blends ensure appropriate rubber durability and abrasion resistance in the field. Internally, continuous steel cords with annular design prevent the transmission of stress. This important feature of continuous cording process helps to guarantee uniform strength throughout the track and prevents separation, a common cause of premature track failure.

To prepare the track for the backside of its lifespan, steel cords and inserts are dipped to allow strong adhesive bonding while encasing the internal track with preventative corrosive coats. The factory does not produce generic guides nor molds; each track is designed specifically for the application and model intended.

Precision in manufacturing relieves track, machine and operator stress for long days on the job. By taking the vibration out of the undercarriage, the operator is less fatigued for longer and more meaningful performance.



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