Final Drive Type A - Installation Instructions


This unit will be damaged if it is installed incorrectly. Please take care when installing the hydraulic lines.

Attaching the hydraulic lines incorrectly will immediately damage this unit and will cause both hydraulic and mechanical failure. Please take care in installing the correct lines to the correct ports.


  • Make sure any system contamination from a prior failure has been addressed.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the track frame and hoses/pipes to prevent accidental contamination.

Hydraulic Port Guides


  • Located on the right and left side of the flange these are the inlet and outlet ports.
  • These will be the two larger diameter hoses.
  • Transfer adapters from previous drive and complete hose connections.


  • The drain port is located in the center of and just below the A/B ports.
  • Transfer adapter from previous drive and complete hose connection.

Ports A, B, C and D


  • The two speed port is located on the opposite side of the flange.
  • Transfer adapter from previous drive and complete hose connection.

Port D

After Installation: Before operating the machine check the gearbox oil level and top off with SAE 80W/90 gear oil if necessary.

Tip: Don’t run a replacement final drive unless you are certain you understand the reason for the original failure — and have rectified the fault.

Do You Need Further Assistance?  Please contact one of our Parts Specialist at 1-800-333-0650.