Meet Little Blue, The H&R Small Parts Hot Tank

Meet Little Blue, The H&R Small Parts Hot Tank

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In the H&R Recon and Rebuild shops, you’ll find an abundance of specialized tools, industry-specific equipment, and dedicated spaces and bays for completing certain processes. If you’re a frequent H&R blog reader, you already followed along as we walked you through our hot tanking process with our tour of Big Blue, our large parts hot tank. Today, we invite you to put your feet up, watch this short video, and meet his smaller brother, Little Blue. 


Hot tanking our parts is about more than just making our parts look polished and clean -- it’s about peeling back the dirt and grime to get the best look possible at our parts early in our rebuilding process. It’s also about ensuring dirt and debris don’t ever have a chance to make it inside of the part. And, yes, it is a little about making that part look new to you, even if it is used. 

We hope you found this short video on Little Blue interesting, and hopefully you learned more about our processes and our dedication to delivering outstanding rebuilt parts to our customers. We take pride in our parts and we hope that shows in our dedicated processes and the expert people who put them to use.

Thanks for watching and, as always, if you’re searching for a parts solution, our Parts Specialists are here to help.

The small parts hot tank in Recon and Rebuild.
A look at Little Blue — He might not look like much, but he's got it where it counts.
A transmission from the hot tank.
Why do we take the time to hot tank our parts? The proof is in the picture for this transmission who's parts all took a good soak in Little Blue.