Salvaged John Deere 670CH Motor Grader. An H&R First!

Salvaged John Deere 670CH Motor Grader. An H&R First!

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View All Parts From This Machine: John Deere 670CH

With nearly 40 years in the business, the firsts are often a little less frequent, but we’re excited to show off the latest update to our history in salvaging heavy construction equipment -- check out the salvage of our first motor grader! This John Deere 670CH motor grader has just passed through the hands of the Buffalo Teardown team and even though the machine was new to them, dismantling the machine, identifying the parts, and swiftly salvaging this motor grader went smoothly. Now the parts are on to inspection and rebuild or added to inventory for sale as used parts.

The machine offered up some great parts, including its cab, attachments, blade, frame parts, cylinders, and more. The parts will be on to inspection and Recon and Rebuild or added to inventory to be sold as used parts. If you're interested in these parts or want to know the current state of the parts, you can view a selection of salvaged parts below or contact our Parts Specialists and they'll search our constantly updating inventory of parts.

And, if you're interested in what machine comes next, keep watching this space. As an industry leader in salvaging construction equipment, we're committed to expanding and evolving to make sure our dedicated customers can always rely on us for their salvaged parts solutions.

A birdseye view of a John Deere 670CH
Eye to eye with a John Deere 670CH
A John Deere 670CH in salvage.
Hydraulics on a John Deere 670CH

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