How to Test a Final Drive: Kubota KX121-2SS Test

How to Test a Final Drive: Kubota KX121-2SS Test

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Ever wanted to watch a final drive uncovered and in action? Step into the H&R shop and see what’s happening when its planetary gears are swiftly spinning around and hear the hum of a properly-working final drive. Follow along as an H&R parts technician tests a reconditioned Kubota KX121-2SS final drive.



How We Test a Reconditioned Final Drive

If you’re a frequent reader of the H&R blog, you already know that inspection and testing are major focuses of the work we do. And that’s no different for testing a rebuilt final drive. In the video above you’ll see how a parts technician tests a Kubota KX121-2SS final drive by hooking the drive to a hydraulic test stand and running the final drive at different speeds.

To test the final drive:

  • The parts technician attaches adapter nozzles to the final drive and attaches the first testing hose to the final drive.
  • The final drive cover is removed to allow the technician to watch and hear the final drives internal gears in motion.
  • The final drive is run at a regular speed and the movement of gears is observed.
    • Notice the difference in rotation between the internal gears and the outside of the drive. This is the conversion of high speed into high torque in action.
  • Since this is a two-speed final drive, a second hose is hooked up and the final drive is attached and the final drive is run at a faster speed.
  • This final drive performed great and will continue along in the remaining steps in the rebuild process.

Whether you’re working on your own final drive or you’ve just always wanted to see inside this important part while it’s working, hopefully you found our inspection video interesting. As an industry leader in both new and reconditioned final drives, we take pride in every final drive that passes through our shops and we know that our work and our commitment to our customers is reflected in our final drives.

If you’re searching for a replacement final drive, give us a call. We support over 6000 excavator and bulldozer models and our Parts Specialists are committed to connecting you to the perfect replacement final drive to get you and your machine back up and running, quickly.