How to Rebuild a Transmission: Step-by-Step Video

How to Rebuild a Transmission: Step-by-Step Video

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Ever wonder what it takes to get a construction equipment transmission from salvaged from a machine to ready to get back to work again? Follow along in this video from one of the H&R Recon and Rebuild shops and discover the steps our parts technicians complete to rebuild a transmission. Whether you’ve always wanted to see inside of a transmission or you’re doing your own transmission work, you’ll discover the meticulous and measured process rebuilding a transmission requires in this video.



How to Rebuild a Transmission, Step-by-Step

  • A heavy equipment transmission consists of 3 primary parts: the torque convertor, the planetary, and the transfer box.
  • These major components of the transmission are separated, and a technician works on each component individually before combining them together to complete the transmission.

Rebuilding the Planetary of the Transmission

  • There are 3 planetary carriers in the transmission and the H&R technician begins by combining the gears and pins with the carriers.
  • Steel plates, piston assemblies, and friction discs are added to the planetary housing.
  • Each of the planetary carriers is added to the planetary, along with new seals between each of the individual carriers and specific housings.
  • The piston housing is added and secured to the planetary before the penultimate planetary carrier.
  • The final friction discs and gear are added to the planetary, followed by the final housing.

Rebuilding the Drop Box of the Transmission

  • The technician adds the transfer gear then the cover to the drop box’s output shaft.
  • The second transfer gear is inserted into the drop box housing and secured behind a cover.
  • Areas that will be difficult to paint later in the process are painted, and the parking brake is attached to the drop box.
  • The yoke and parking brake drum are installed.

Assembling the Complete Transmission

  • The gear drive and the housing are placed into the torque and the gear drive is bolted into place.
  • The planetary is added to the drop box.
  • The torque converter is added to the planetary.
  • Suction tubes are added to the transmission.
  • The valves are added to the transmission.
  • The H&R parts technician tests the transmission at different speeds on the transmission testing stand.
  • The transmission is primed and painted.
  • A custom pallet is built, the transmission is secured for shipping, and the entire transmission is wrapped in a protective layer of plastic before being shipped to a customer.

We’re sure it’s clear from the video, but our parts technicians are experts in the rebuilding process and have developed proven techniques and mastered industry knowledge to bring their craft to every rebuild that passes through their hands. Not every transmission that comes from a salvaged machine can be rebuilt, but for the ones that can we take pride in the product we produce and we know that shows in our work. We’ve developed a reputation for consistency and quality and we hope you found that in our video.

If you’re searching for a rebuilt transmission — or any part for your heavy construction equipment — our Parts Specialists are your resource for fast and simple connections to your parts needs.