How to Rebuild a Hydraulic Cylinder (Video)

How to Rebuild a Hydraulic Cylinder (Video)

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On every machine that passes through the H&R teardown bays there are hydraulic cylinders designed to lift blades, tilt buckets, raise booms, and more. Early in our process, the inspection team evaluates the condition of our cylinders and determines which ones can be salvaged and what ones have to be scrapped. From the salvageable cylinders, some are identified for rebuilding — a step-by-step process to turn a slightly worn cylinder into a near new state.

If you’ve ever wondered what that looks like, you’re in luck today. Follow along in this video as our parts specialist rebuild a Caterpillar cylinder and watch it go from disassembled parts to ready to get back to work.


We hope you enjoyed that brief trip into one of our H&R Recon and Rebuild shops, and its clear we take care and pride in our cylinder rebuilding process. If you're in search of a replacement cylinder for your excavator, dozer, articulated truck, wheel loader, or other construction equipment, our Parts Specialists are here to help. When you call, they'll search our inventory, as well as, our connected parts network.