Build Your Frankenstein Construction Machine

Build Your Frankenstein Construction Machine

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Ever wondered why you have to hop from one machine to the next or call in a whole new construction crew to tackle a new job when, if only, your excavator had an extra arm, your dozer had a little crane action, or you could swap those tires for tracks? Today is your day. Be your own Dr. Frankenstein and build the machine of your dreams (or nightmares).

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Why We Built This

If you take a stroll around a construction site today, you’ll see a wide mix of specialized machines designed to do one thing and do it well, but you’ll also see a whole new breed of diverse machines that have been adapted, amplified, and reconfigured to bring a swiss army knife approach to the worksite. 

As a leader in salvaging heavy construction equipment, our Teardown teams can start the week finishing out the salvage of an excavator in Buffalo, bringing a dozer into one Teardown bay in Georgia and an off-highway truck into the second bay in Buffalo, and sending a handful of wheel loader cylinders off to inspection. And while all that is happening there’s an entire squad of rebuilders, painters, and shipping experts moving John Deere grader blades, polishing up Cat cabs, testing Terex transmissions, and working on all the construction parts that pass through our hands.

Maybe its all those parts, maybe its spending too much time snagging some fresh air in the warehouse, or maybe it's just the fast approach of the Halloween holiday, but it had us wondering -- Why can’t we just put all the best parts we need together and make the ultimate Frankenstein’s monster construction machine? If our favorite sub chefs can cobble together a Buffalo chicken finger stinger sub with a bag of Doritos squeezed under the roll it makes a man wonder why the expert engineers at Volvo can’t sneak on an extra arm or blade to the back of a machine.

And so, we thought we’d let you give them the motivation. Build your best-designed construction beast below, give it a name, and send it out into the world -- we’ve included a few of our own creations and what we named them below, as well. Maybe your Frankenstein machine will inspire the world and we’ll see it soon on a work site and eventually in our salvage bays.


Hopefully, you clicked away on the machine builder and had a little fun. If you came up with something great, take a screenshot and send it our way -- we’d love to see it.

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If you’re searching for actual parts to fix your actual, real world machine, we’re here to help with that, too. And with our deep inventory of excavator, dozer, wheel loader, and articulated truck parts and our dedicated Parts Specialists we're a trusted parts partner for 1000s of customers. We’re also always expanding the machines we salvage to match our customers needs, so if you haven’t taken a look at our ever-growing inventory of new and used parts, check it out. And if your Frankenstein machine comes to life one of these days, we’ll be sure to see if we can salvage it, too.

A machine has two attachments on the front and one on the back.
Let’s not think too hard about the logistics of how an excavator arm and a wheel loader boom work together. Instead let’s just sit back and admire our new digging power on what we’ll probably call the Scorpion Scooper.
A machine has a dozer blade and a giant crane on the back.
Sophisticated, smart, and articulated. Built for the worker who likes raising a site to level ground AND building it up again. Order your articulated crane dozer today!
A machine is a hybrid of nearly every machine you would find on a construction site.
For the ultra-versatile construction site operator, this ones for you. Just print it off and when somebody asks what you do on the worksite you can just point at the picture and say, "That."