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Find fast answers to your What is it? and How does it work? questions with the H&R Construction Equipment Parts knowledge base series, designed to speak informatively and passionately about topics in the heavy equipment industry. From 10-year-old excavator enthusiasts to passionate parts tinkerers looking to learn more, the aim of the series is to provide basic information to any and all inquisitive minds.


  1. What is an Axial Piston Pump with Axial Piston Pump Diagram

    Anyone who has worked in construction equipment has certainly come across an axial piston pump, but one might still wonder, “What exactly is going on in this little box?” That’s why we’re here to help. Whether you’re researching an axial piston pump problem or you’re just inquisitive about this widely-used part, read on for a short explainer on how they work and what they do.

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  2. How Does a Complete Axle Assembly Work

    how an axle works

    Take a look inside of an axle to see its parts in action. Get a better understanding of these parts, how they work, and what role they play on your machine.

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  3. How Does the Arm of an Excavator Work

    how an excavator arm works

    See an excavator arm in action with our animated parts diagram, learn the important parts of an excavator arm, and expand your excavator knowledge.

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  4. How to Convert a Final Drive by Changing the Swash Plate

    Updated final drive swash plate

    Updating the internals and porting of a final ensures it works exactly as designed for the machine and mounting is simple and straightforward. Watch as an H&R parts technician updates the swash plate on a final drive to ensure it works exactly as intended.

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  5. How A Wheel Loader Works: Wheel Loader Lift Arm Animation, Diagram, and Pictures

    wheel loader post header

    Learn how a wheel loader arm works, the important parts that make up the arm, and the common linkage designs for the arm. View images and an animated diagram.

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  6. Articulated Truck Parts Diagram: Search and Learn About Articulated Dump Trucks

    A header shows the outline of an articulated truck

    Explore all the parts on an articulated truck, see how articulated truck parts work on the machine and together, and examine how an articulated truck works with this searchable articulated truck parts diagram.

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  7. Interactive Dozer Diagram: Search and Learn About Dozers

    A header shows the outline of a dozer.

    Explore all the parts on a dozer, see how dozer parts work on the machine and together, and examine how a dozer works with this searchable dozer parts diagram.

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  8. Interactive Wheel Loader Parts Diagram: Search and Learn About Wheel Loaders

    A header shows the outline of a wheel loader.

    Explore all the parts on a wheel loader, see how wheel loader parts work on the machine and together, and examine how a wheel loader works with this searchable wheel loader parts diagram.

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  9. What is a Differential and How Does it Work with Differential Diagram

    A differential diagram.

    Learn what a differential is and how it works. See the part in action with an animated diagram. View pictures of a differential disassembled.

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  10. 50 States of Buildings, Bridges, Byways, and More: The Quiz

    50 states quiz map

    Celebrate great buildings and bridges; parks and byways; stadiums and historic projects. Take our 50 states quiz and see how well you know where famous structures are throughout the U.S.

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