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Explore the world of construction equipment parts from in-depth articles on excavators, bulldozers, articulated trucks, wheel loaders, and the parts that keep them working with videos, how-to’s, and photo galleries.

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  1. How an Excavator Swivel (Rotary Distributor) Works with Excavator Swivel Diagram

    Excavator swivel diagram.

    Discover how an excavator swivel works. See the part in action in our animated diagram and learn how the swivel connects the hydraulics in the housing to the undercarriage, but still lets each spin freely.

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  2. Salvaged Komatsu PC490LC-10 Excavator. See the Parts.

    Komatsu PC490LC-10 excavator

    The H&R Teardown team in Georgia recently salvaged this Komatsu PC490LC-10 excavator. The team was able to save some great parts from this machine including many of its cylinders, swing drive and gear box, covers, swivel, tracks, and tanks. See the parts.

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  3. How to Rebuild a Swing Drive

    A title card reads Swing Drive Rebuild.

    Ready to rebuild your own swing drive, wondering what the process looks like, or just interested in learning more about swing drives? Come along into the Recon and Rebuild shop for this video as a parts technician completes a swing drive rebuild.

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  4. Tips on Finding and Buying the Right Replacement Final Drive

    Final drive buying guide.

    Whether you're just starting your final drive search or you're lost in the parts search puzzle, read on for simple, short final drive buying tips and discover the parts solution that will get you back up and running quickly.

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  5. Choosing the Right Wheel Loader Bucket or Attachment

    Wheel loader bucket buying guide.

    If you have buckets on the brain but you just aren't sure what's the best bucket for your wheel loader and all the jobs it performs, read on for our short wheel loader bucket buying guide.

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  6. Interactive Excavator Parts Diagram: Search and Learn About Excavators

    A header shows the outline of an excavator.

    Explore all the parts on an excavator, see how excavator parts work on the machine and together, and examine how an excavator works with this searchable excavator parts diagram.

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  7. 5 Tips for Simple, Smart Slewing Ring Maintenance

    A slewing ring in inventory.

    Keep your slewing ring running well with these simple, short slewing ring maintenance tips, and extend the life of your slewing ring to avoid downtime, repairs, and other excavator problems.

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  8. How To Dismantle a Swing Gearbox

    A title card reads Swing Gearbox Disassembly and shows a swing gearbox.

    Starting your research on disassembling your swing gearbox, wondering what that job entails, or just interested in seeing inside of the process for dismantling a swing gearbox? Come along into the Recon and Rebuild shop for this video as a parts technician completes the process.

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  9. What Is a Slewing Ring with Slewing Ring Diagram

    A slewing ring bearing in the H&R warehouse.

    Ever wonder what a slewing ring is and how it works? Explore slewing rings, see inside of a slewing ring, and learn more about this important part in another edition of our Knowledge Base series.

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  10. What is a Swing Drive with Swing Drive Diagram

    An image of swing drives.

    At the heart of an excavator is a swing drive -- spinning the house and attachments, endlessly and in a perfect, smooth circle. If you've ever wondered just exactly how a swing drive gets its job done, read on and learn about this interesting excavator part today.

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