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Explore the world of construction equipment parts from in-depth articles on excavators, bulldozers, articulated trucks, wheel loaders, and the parts that keep them working with videos, how-to’s, and photo galleries.

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  1. How to Remove a Final Drive

    A title slides says How to Remove a Final Drive.

    Watch the H&R Teardown team remove a final drive from an excavator and follow along with simple, helpful final drive removal tips and instructions. Ensure your final drive removal goes smoothly and get back to work quickly.

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  2. How to Install a Final Drive

    A title screen says How to Install a Final Drive

    Whether you're about to install an H&R brand final drive, you've rebuilt your own, or you're just starting your research and planning ahead, we've put together some quick and simple tips to make sure everything goes smoothly. You've got this and we're here to help.

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  3. How to Rebuild a Final Drive | Komatsu WA500-6 Final Drive | Komatsu PC400LC-8 Final Drive

    A title screen says How to Rebuild a Final Drive

    Whether you're about to start your own final drive rebuild, you're weighing your rebuild options, or you're just looking for interesting final drive insight from top final drive experts, you'll find helpful videos here. Watch and read along.

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  4. What is a Final Drive with Final Drive Diagram

    A long row of aftermarket final drives is ready for shipping.

    You might already know every part on your machine — maybe even taken most of them apart and put them back together a few times — but if you've ever wanted to know more about a final drive and how it works, this article is for you.

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  5. What Do You Need To Consider When Buying A Bulldozer Blade?

    If there’s dirt to move, ground to level, or resources to pile, a bulldozer is going to get the call and attached to that dozer is a blade -- perfectly designed for the job. But with every job the blade performs comes new wear and sustained friction which means no dozer blade lasts forever. If you’re searching for a replacement dozer blade, we’ve put together this quick little round-up to help you find the perfect replacement dozer blade for your dozer and its jobs.


    An infographic explains dozer blades.

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  6. What Are FDC Brand Parts?

    OEM parts are quality parts, but they can also be very expensive. When you need to get your machine running and can’t spend the money for OEM parts, how do you get more affordable parts that still have the OEM quality and reliability you require? Our team at H&R Construction Equipment Parts have researched countless parts manufacturers around the world, visited their plants to verify their manufacturing process including the quality of steel used as well as the reliability of their parts. We have worked with the best manufacturers in the industry from Japan, Italy, and Korea to deliver a line of high-quality new parts that will stand up to harsh conditions. These parts have earned their place in our FDC brand of products. FDC parts are superior aftermarket parts that you can install with confidence. Our entire FDC brand of parts include a minimum one year warranty, with FDC brand final drives including a two-year warranty

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  7. Rebuilt Hydraulic Components

    At H&R Construction Equipment Parts, we offer a wide range of hydraulic parts, consisting of main hydraulic pumpshydraulic cylindersmain control valvestravel and swing motors and many others components that we rebuild to OEM specifications. When you need the most reliable hydraulic parts, but prefer not to pay a premium price, we offer a rebuilt option that includes a one year warranty at prices that fit your budget. Rebuilt parts are premium used parts with a dramatically increased lifespan from the standard used state. For example, with rebuilt hydraulic cylinders we often re-chrome the cylinder rod, which helps to protect the rod and increases the functionality of the cylinder. Our capabilities for this process go above and beyond those of many other chroming facilities because

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