Alternator - Style (7058) fits Ford CL40 C5AF10300F D4OF10300CA D4OF10300FA D4OF10346BA D4OZ10346B DO3F10300DA F2OF10346FA F2OF10346HA F2OF10346JA


Condition: New

  • Compatible with Ford Skid Steer Loader(s) CL40
  • Replaces Ford OEM Number(s) C5AF10300F, C5AF10300G, C5TF10300E, C5TF10300F, C5TF10300H, C5TF10300J, C5TF10346B, C5TF10346H, C5TZ10346B, C5TZ10346H, C6AF10300F, C6AF10300G, C6TF10300E, C6TF10300F, C6TF10300G, C6TF10300H, C6TF10346B, C6TF10346C, C6VF10300A, C6VF10346A, C6VF10346B, C6VY10346A, C7SF10300A, C7SF10300B, C9AF10300B, C9SF10300A, C9ZF10300B, C9ZF10300C, C9ZZ10346B, D0AF10300E, D0AF10300H, D0AF10346C, D0AF10346F, D0AZ10346F, D0LF10300H, D0SF10300A, D0TF10300E, D0TF10300F, D0TF10300G, D0TF10300J, D0TF10346C, D0ZF10300A, D0ZF10300C, D0ZZ10346B, D1ZF10300AA, D2AF10300BA, D2AF10300BB, D2AF10346DA, D2AZ10346D, D2O10300BA, D2OF100300EB, D2OF10300BB, D2OF10300EA, D2OF10300FA, D2OF10300FB, D2SF10300-AA, D2SF10300AB, D2TF10300CB, D2TF10300CC, D2TF10300DA, D2TF10300DB, D2TF10300DC, D2ZF10300BA, D2ZF10300BB, D2ZF10346BA, D3OF10300BA, D3OF10300CA, D3TF10300DA, D4LF10300AA, D4LF10300BA, D4LF10300CA, D4LF10300DA, D4OF10300AA, D4OF10300BA, D4OF10300CA, D4OF10300FA, D4OF10346BA, D4OZ10346B, DO3F10300DA, F2OF10346FA, F2OF10346HA, F2OF10346JA
  • Replaces Mfg Number(s) 10463268, 10463269, 10463270, 7058, 250-109
  • Ford Style
  • For most Ford vehicles from 1965 to 1985
  • Includes pulley
  • Voltage: 12
  • Regulator: External
  • Amperage: 40
  • Rotation: Clockwise

  • To receive this product outside the continental U.S., you must call 877-530-4430 to make arrangements
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See
SKU 113326
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