The FDC Difference


  • Our FDC final drives are top of the line, from major manufacturers in Japan, Italy, and Korea.
  • Some of our competitor's final drives come from manufacturing plants without precision machining capabilities or source motor components for final assembly.
  • Be sure to verify this before you buy.


  • H&R knows the OEM performance specs for every final drive making sure our drives have the same or similar performance.
  • Some competitors are simply "will-fit” drives with no attempt made to deliver OEM performance.
  • Verifying this can save time, money, and frustration.


  • H&R makes sure the frame offset is correct.
  • Be careful as a misaligned sprocket will wear abnormally and can cause your machine to throw a track. Also, a sprocket that fits the mounting pattern, but sized incorrectly can cause axial loading and premature failure of the gearbox.
  • Verifying this up front will ensure an ideal fit.


  • H&R makes sure you have all the fittings you need to make our FDC final drive fit your machine perfectly. 
  • H&R regularly experiences people who call that have purchased their final drive elsewhere, but the drive as shipped is not compatible with their machine. We will work with you to get the proper fittings or the correct final drive for your machine. 
  • Verify that your supplier offers the needed fitting to address any differences.


  • We honor our warranty commitment to you every time.  since we carry replacement parts for all the final; drives we stock, we can repair or replace failed items the same day we receive them.  So you won't have to worry about waiting for replacement parts coming from another country or vendor.  Plus, we pay the freight to and from H&R.
  • Some suppliers require their customers to pay the return freight, have their drives sent to another vendor, or wait for a replacement final drive that might come from overseas.
  • Verify that your supplier knows the product, have the parts to repair it and can perform any needed repairs.