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Technical Capabilities

Engine Dynamometer Testing

Used engines receive a full running dynamometer test before being made available. Prior to the running test, a physical check is made of bearing condition, valve lash and a visual inspection for any possible imperfections. Once these initial inspections have been passed, engines are coupled to H&R's 800 horsepower dynamometer. The dynamometer simulates machine operational conditions while measuring the unit's horsepower, torque, critical systems and operational characteristics. All data is then compared to the manufacturers specifications to assure proper performance. These extensive tests assure long-term reliability and dependability when put into service.


Reconditioned Components

Transmissions & Torque ConvertersH&R reconditions all major driveline components. Individual units are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Quality is built into each unit and verified, when appropriate, through an extensive test run on a digital-hydraulic test stand. This operational test assures that products supplied will work as expected the first time.


Rebuilt Hydraulic Components

Most major hydraulic components including high-pressure hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors, and hydraulic cylinders are rebuilt to manufacturers' specifications and come with guarantees equal to or exceeding OEM remanufactured products.