Cores & Returns


Please contact your Parts Specialist at (800) 333-0650 prior to returning an item to assist you through the process. Items cannot be returned without a proper RMA being assigned.

Core Returns

H&R Construction Parts & Equipment, Inc. (HRCP) requires product cores to be returned on select products.  Customers that return product cores in the condition required by HRCP will be credited back the full amount of the core deposit stated on the customer's original invoice.

All Product core returns must meet the criteria set forth in this document. HRCP retains the right to change or modify these criteria at any time.

  • HRCP will provide the customer with 30 days in which to return the product core. Extensions may be granted at HRCP’s discretion and must be authorized by HRCP management.
  • HRCP will pay return shipping of product core to the HRCP location of its choice.  Any additional shipping charges not authorized by HRCP will be deducted from the core deposit.
  • HRCP will supply the customer with a Bill of Lading (BOL) and product must be returned using HRCP’s preferred carrier.  Customer is required to properly and securely palletize the product core and load product onto carriers’ truck.
    • Product cores received with fabricated steel stands must be returned on that stand or a fee of $500.00 will be deducted from the product core deposit.
  • All oil ports must be plugged as they were on original product received by the customer.  All fluids must be drained before returning product core to HRCP.
  • All cores must be returned to HRCP in the time allotted (30 days) and must be complete, assembled and repairable, otherwise fees will apply.
  • Customer may request the return of any product core valued at 0% by HRCP.  Customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

Exceptions may be made and charges may be avoided or agreed upon at HRCP’s discretion.  All exceptions must be approved by HRCP management.