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Excavator Slewing Rings

We offer new and used slewing rings for a variety of different manufacturers and machines.  H&R has partnered with a major manufacturer to supply our own line of H&R brand slewing rings.  This offers our customers an alternative to expensive OEM parts, while still meeting or exceeding OEM specifications.  These H&R brand slewing rings come with an excellent warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


We also offer used slewing rings that are opened and inspected, high-wear parts are replaced as needed to bring the part back to its highest performance, and the slewing ring is then re-sealed.  This process extends the life of the part, giving you a less expensive option than new OEM parts, but still retaining the quality standards you desire.  As with all our products, our used slewing rings come with an excellent warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Features & Benefits:

  • Competitively priced
  • Quality control of product assured to precise specification

  • Advanced production technology utilizing CNC lathes, grinding, machining, cutting and quenching processes

  • Technical advantages including increased RC hardness over the competition

  • Specifically designed for heavy duty application requiring high capacity for axial, radial forces and tilting loads

  • Superior performance in heavy duty applications

  • Low profile and excellent weight to performance ratio

  • High load capacity optimizing the design and weight

  • ISO 9001:2000 & Total Quality Management (TQM) certified performance

Note: If your machine is not listed please contact one of our sales representatives that can help you further.  Aftermarket slewing rings may not be identical to OEM units.  View warranty information here. 

Excavator Slewing Rings

We carry slewing rings for the following:


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